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Rodríguez Fernández, Francisco


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C/ Leonardo Prieto Castro, 2


28040, Madrid


BA and PhD in Economics and Business for the University of Granada and he has also followed PhD studies in the universities of Bologna and Modena. Professor of Economics at the University of Granada. He is Senior Economists at the Funcas Foundation. He has been visiting reseracher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the European Central Bank. He has conducted several R&D and consulting projects for international public and private bodies. He has been Vice-Dean-Research of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Granada. He has also been visiting research fellow for high-education institutions such as the Bangor Business School. He is author of several articles and publications in top-leading international economics and finance journals such as The Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Review of Finance, European Economic Review,  Journal of Banking and Finance or Journal of Financial Services Research.

Formación Académica

  • PhD in Economics – University of Granada (visiting University of Modena and University of Bologna)
  • Post-Doc Visiting Research: Bangor Business School, European Central Bank, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
  • Graduate Visiting Research: Univerisity of Modena, University of Bologna, Bangor Business School
  • BA Business and Economics – University of Granada

Áreas de Interés

Banking and Finance

Finance and growth

Payment Systems

Industrial Organization

Trayectoria Profesional

Current positions:

  • Professor of Economics – University of Granada. [Acreditado como Catedrático de Universidad]
  • Senior Economist – Funcas Foundation

Past positions:

  • Economist- Funcas.
  • Associate Professor of Economics – University of Granada
  • Research Associate – University of Granada

Consulting activities:

  • European Commission
  • European Research Framework Programme
  • Spanish Ministry of Labor
  • Bankia
  • KPMG
  • Euro 6000
  • BMN
  • Prosegur

Other academic positions:

  • Vice-Dean Research –School of Economics, University of Granada: 2007-2009
  • Deputy Director, Department of Economics, University of Granada: 2003-2005

Publicaciones Destacadas

  • "The Role of Interchange Fees in Two-sided Markets: An Empirical Investigation on Payment Cards", The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol. 98, 367-381(With S. Carbo and S. Chakravorti). 2016.
  • "The diffusion pattern of non-cash payments: evidence from China", International Journal of Technology Management, vol. 70, 44-57 (with S. Carbo and M. Qi). 2016.
  • "Trade credit, the Financial Crisis and Firms Access to Finance", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, vol.97,forthcoming, (With S. Carbo and G. Udell). 2016.
  • "The impact of securitization on credit rationing: empirical evidence", Journal of Financial Stability, 20-36-50 (With S. Carbo and H. Degryse). 2015
  • "ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions at the point of sale and the demand for currency", SERIEs, vol. 5, 399-417 (with S. Carbo). 2014
  • "Safety–net benefits conferred on difficult–to–fail–and–unwind banks in the US and EU before and during the great recession", Journal of Banking and Finance, vol. 37,1845–1859. (with S. Carbo and E. Kane). 2013
  • "Feedback Loop Effects in Payment Card Markets: Empirical Evidence", Review of Network Economics, vol. 11,Issue 2, article 2. 2012 (with S. Carbo and J.M. Liñares).
  • "Securitization, risk transferring and financial stability: the case of Spain" Journal of International Money and Finance, vol. 31, págs 80-101. 2012. (with S. Carbo and D. Marques).
  • "Exploiting Old Customers and Attracting New Ones: the case of Bank Deposit Pricing", European Economic Review, vol. 55, 903–915 (with S. Carbo and T. Hannan) 2011.
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