Activities and Networking

The program includes the following extra-curricular activities (complementary workshops and international networking activities):

  • Several specialist seminars and Workshops. Several specialist seminars are held during the Master’s Degree program, as well as lectures, workshops, working breakfasts, presentations, etc. with the aim of providing participants with specialist knowledge and experience. Experts who are leaders in their respective fields are invited to talk about initiatives and new projects of interest.
  • Personal assessment program in which participants have the opportunity to learn at first hand from HR experts: guidelines for drafting and presenting their résumés and cover letters, where and how to find job opportunities, how to act in different recruiting processes in order to offer a competitive advantage in the international job market.
  • International Weeks. During the International Week in London held in collaboration with London Economic School, students have the opportunity to enjoy a brief international experience in the City of London. They receive specialist training at London Economic School  through 2 seminars held in the English language, and visit companies and financial institutions in the City. At the networking meeting they meet up with CUNEF alumni now based in London who offer advice on professional options available in the City.

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