1 Submitting an application
The candidates interested in applying for admission to the Master in International Finance will have to complete the request of admission. Along with the application for admission the following documents must be presented:
- Curriculum Vitae with detailed academic training and career path of the candidate.
- University degree certificate (photocopy) or academic transcript (photocopy).
- Photocopy of the ID card, NIE or passport.
- 1 photograph.
2 Participate in the admission process of candidates.
The candidates are summoned to participate in the admission and selection process that will take place between October 2016 and September 2017. This process is done online or in campus. 
The process aims to assess each candidate based on their academic background, knowledge and skills, demonstrated during the completion of the process. The tests consists of:
- Psychotechnical examination.
- Specific test (general knowledge test and a business case study).
- English Language Test.
- Interview.
3 Enroll and pay the admission fee within the dates stipulated.


Study on a Master’s degree program requires commitment, interest and enthusiasm on the part of students with regard to their academic and professional careers. At CUNEF we pay special attention to the quality of participants on the different programs. In order to promote access to the specialist university education given by CUNEF, the Spanish Banking Foundation for Financial Studies (Fundación AEB) offers annual grants for excellence and financial aid for interested graduates. Candidates for Master’s degrees may apply for the following grants and study aids:

  • Fundación AEB excellence grants for a postgraduate program at CUNEF (full-time). These are designed for new students admitted on CUNEF postgraduate programs who accredit an excellent academic record, with an average grade of 7 or above (or the equivalent for candidates from other university systems). Grants are assigned in the light of the candidate’s academic record, the result of the admission tests, and the financial, personal and professional circumstances of each candidate in particular. These grants partially cover the academic fees for a postgraduate program at CUNEF.
  • CUNEF financial aid for postgraduate programs at CUNEF. This aid is designed for students who have completed their university studies (within a maximim of 5 years prior to the start of the Master’s program) in a Spanish or European Union university. The amount will vary between 10% and 50% of the CUNEF academic fee (not covering the official UCM enrollment fee).

Candidates interested in applying for a Fundación AEB grant for excellence or CUNEF financial aid must meet the requirements laid down in each case, must apply for the grant by filling in the relevant application form and must provide the documentation as required and within the time limits established.

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