Careers and Jobs

The Career Guidance Department aims to actively facilitate direct contact between CUNEF graduate and postgraduate students and companies and partner institutions. Our main mission is to help students during their training and subsequent entry into the labour market by arranging practical training programs (through educational cooperation agreements) and by updating the job center to provide opportunities for new graduates and for practicing professionals (organized through CUNEF Alumni).

CUNEF is known for the high quality of its teaching and the magnificent technical and professional qualification of its graduate and postgraduate students. At CUNEF we work hard to train and develop professionals who will be responsible, committed, entrepreneurial, with capacity for leadership and able to build up an intense career in varied, multicultural environments (in Spain and elsewhere). Through the Career Guidance Department we offer a wide range of services and support so that each student can achieve professional success. In addition to actively placing students with partner companies for internships and job vacancies, we also offer them individual career advice and provide information on competitive examinations for official positions, postgraduate courses, grants, etc.

We also help companies fill their vacancies by placing them in direct contact with the candidates who offer the profiles they need. Amongst other activities, the Department draws up a program of presentations, seminars, workshops, working breakfasts, etc. Such activities allow companies to make known their activities, culture, values and recruiting processes. They can then inform particularly well-prepared candidates of their selection processes.

CUNEF has close relations with the business and professional enviornment. The Career Guidance Department organizes internship programs, publishes vacancies and arranges seminars and complementary activities with the aim of providing CUNEF students with all the tools and skills they need as well as the best possible opportunities for finding their first job and developing their future careers. Every year, the following activities are organized, amongst others:

  • Job forum. CUNEF Contact Week. Every year companies and institutions from a variety of economic and business sectors participate in the CUNEF job forum, an ideal framework for sharing experiences and helping young graduates on the path towards their first job.
  • Business presentations and ‘on-campus’ selection processes. Companies from the finance sector, consultancies, audit firms and investment banks often carry out selection processes and give presentations and specific seminars in collaboration with the Career Guidance department, focusing especially on CUNEF graduates and postgraduates.
  • Practical training programs. We have a large number of partner companies which, every year, offer internships for students on the last years of their studies. The internship programs amount to a magnificent opportunity to reinforce the training received at CUNEF and often lead to a first job for interns.
  • Job center. In collaboration with the CUNEF Alumni Association, CUNEF provides information on vacancies in companies and institutions.

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