Quality Assurance system

Article 31 of the amended Organic Law on Universities (Law 4/2007) is devoted to Quality Assurance and includes the need to establish quality assurance criteria that make it possible to perform evaluation, certification and accreditation, besides considering quality assurance as a basic goal of university policy. Also, the new organization of university education reflected in Royal Decree 1393/2007, and its subsequent modification through Royal Decree 861/2010, incorporates quality assurance as one of the basic elements that a curriculum should take into account.

The set of documented procedures needed to implement Quality Management starting out from a specific organizational structure and specific resources is called the Quality Assurance System (QAS). The QAS for the CUNEF Master’s Degree in Financial Institutions and Markets is the tool created to assure, in compliance with Royal Decree 861/2010, the verification, review and ongoing improvement of: qualification objectives; student entrance and admission systems; planning, development and results of teaching; faculty; physical resources and services.

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